PASTA ONER: From Graffiti to PopArt

Pasta Oner, a relatively young Artist on the Czech Contemporary Art Scene, has already captivated more than one Art collector in Prague.

His unique Pop-Art style follows a colourful aesthetic , achieved through all kinds of media such as flat colour paintings or installations, which don’t lack a touch of absurdity and lure us into a New York street style atmosphere.


Among his recurrent motives, you can find everything from Disney or Looney Tunes characters to golden bricks or tacky objects purchased at cheap markets. His themes include sexual connotations, subtle references to mortality and a bling bling lifestyle.

Above all, Pasta Oner is known as a graffiti artist occasionally embellishing the sad facades of Prague buildings with high scale illustrations, which is why we often see him experimenting with all kinds of fonts, directly embedded onto his paintings.

But this is not all- the artist is also very smart about diversifying his activities and keeping up with his PR. In fact, it is possible to wear Pasta Oner’s art on your very feet, if you ever drop by the “Happy Socks” store; or you can order a new smartphone case with one of his designs. Skaterboys and skatergirls will also be happy about the collection of cool board designs.

Contemporary Art is definitely a lot about branding. On the small market as Czech Republic, Pasta Oner has a new and original way to appeal to our generation who wants aesthetic art in their living room or a young teenager who will feel cool in their fun new socks and show his or her friends their street-art vibe phone case.

Nonetheless,  as the artist’s spectrum is perpetually evolving and we are eager to experience his new ideas, which he uncovered recently to the general public at his own studio during a phenomenal vernissage.



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