What is David Černý’s “BLACK HOLE”?

Cherished and despised by many, David Černý sure is a controversial figure on the Czech Contemporary Art scene. Many know him for his numerous installations around Prague, such as the giant pregnant lady “In Utero”, his effigy of “Franz Kafka” or even the sculpture of a middle finger used against the latest president.



His current exhibition “BLACK HOLE” at DSC Gallery consists not in quantity but in quality. When you enter the gallery, you are welcomed by giant faces of famous men hanging on the wall. The faces are also a source of light and if you look carefully, you can also notice how tiny objects are actually incrusted inside of these faces, suggesting a puzzling metaphor of each of their character.


In another room, a dozen of cropped male lower-bodies, dressed in only trunks and shoes fervently move their legs up and down, as though they were riding bicycles. Visitors’ reactions vary between laughter, selfie sprees or a sense of anxiousness, almost fear .


Lastly, large steel-cold turbines with a clearly delimited black and yellow ’danger zones’, continue spinning in the dark. The turbine’s body is actually one of a steel horse. This one definitely produces a feeling of discomfort among each of us.


The exhibition is available only for a few more days in DSC Gallery so hurry up to explore the artworks for yourself!


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