Come and meet Jiří David in his studio


It’s 9:30 am and we are in Zbraslav, a tiny town nearby Prague.

As we are parking on the main square, a figure of an older man waves at us from accross the street. We meet, we greet, we enter his house. We follow the tall man through a series of doors, up through the snowy garden’s labyrinth into his very own studio.


Boxes of paint, canvases and brushes lie scattered all around the large luminous room, where the artist’s chef-d’oeuvres begin to fill up the entire studio. Jiří David is smiling as he starts to speak of his recent projects. He appears triumphant yet solemn, surrounded by a sort of magnetic aura. The kind of man who is absolutely sure about what he is doing and stands up for his views.

Jiří David at the Venice Biennale

After patiently describing his thought process of creation, he subtly points out how today’s artists are shameless crowd-pleasers: “Oh Mr X! You know how I can’t stand him! And he calls himself an artist.. I cannot believe how Gallery Y can actually exhibit his work.” For sure, Jiří David has its own methods and processes, never letting the general opinion affect him and perhaps this is what makes him stand out among the artistic circles.

An hour passes and we have the opportunity to really explore the whole studio that is divided into three-four sections. The main room where you enter presents his most recent projects. A secret room in the back has all his smaller-format paintings together with another storage for even more canvased. Finally, the second floor seems to be the artist’s ‘refuge’. This is the only room with an actual table and a chair. I spy a massive stereo with all kinds of CDs. This is probably the cradle of his ideas, where listening to the tunes of The Beatles or Abba, he creates from within his soul.

A fascinating visit of an artist who already exhibited at the Venice Biennale and who is regularly exhibited at the National Gallery as well as abroad.





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