DANCER- Premiere Screening with Polunin

Ever heard of Sergei Polunin? If not this video is the perfect introduction to showcase the dancer’s graceful yet emotional ballet:  Sergei Polunin, “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, Directed by David LaChapelle


Welcome to Theatre Royal!

The venue is all about glamour, red curtains and a golden aura. It is a memorable event tonight, the very first screening of the documentary “Dancer” in Czech Republic. It is a very genuine and emotional story about the legendary ballet dancer Sergei Polunin and all the sacrifices made on his road to excellence, not only by him but also all of his family from Ukraine.


Where is Sergei Polunin?

The privately invited guests are coming in with a smile on their face and a beautiful wardrobe. Sergei Polunin is noticeable straight away, posing with his fans in front of the professional photographers. He stands patiently in front of the cameras and kindly accepts to take photos with each of his admirers. He holds himself tall and straight, like a real dancer he is, with an expression of dreaminess that renders him so attractive. His beautiful mother is close-by as always, the one pushing him towards excellence from his very young age.



Movie’s impressions?

The documentary is overwhelming. It isn’t a simple fiction but a real life story of the most successful ballet dancer of our time, about the passion he gives to dancing but also the many losses and sacrifices he’s gone through.

Everything starts during the 1990’s, in a village of Southern Ukraine. Everyone is poor but Polunin recalls to have had a very happy childhood. His mother, a central figure in the planning of Serioza’s success first signed him up to gymnastics, from which he naturally moved to ballet. With a mix of talent and enormous efforts, he became well equipped to become the youngest ever ‘First soloist’ at the London Royal Ballet Academy.

Through the preserved video recordings as well as re-enactments, we take part in Sergei’s rise to perfection as well as his disillusioned feelings of emptiness after reaching the peak of Ballet. Having sacrificed all of his childhood and seeing his family split up gave place to darker days of Polunin’s life, where he decided to quit everything. This is when the media started noticing him, calling him the ‘bad boy’ of Ballet.

What happens now?

Thanks to  the world famous photographer David Lachapelle in particular, Polunin has discovered a new facet of his ‘work’, and that- of an artist. He is presently motivated to express his emotions through his greatest passion and avoid some blind discipline, so harsh in the milieu of classical ballet. He also prepares many funding projects to help children from poorer backgrounds to access prestigious schools without having to ‘lose’ their family.


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