Dokoupil and his new exhibition Oxymoron at Danubiana


The exhibition takes place in a relatively new and modern Museum complex, situated about 30km away from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.  Built artificially on a peninsula, its architecture evokes the shape of a Roman boat called ‘galley’ and its area of around 7,000 square meters provides a very promising exhibition space.

J.G Dokoupil is a truly versatile Czech contemporary artist with an international background, spending his time between the cities of Berlin, Prague, Valencia or Rio. He is currently planning an important exhbition of his artwork in the National Czech Gallery.
The display, named Oxymoron, is essentially comprised of Dokoupil’s installation “Furniture For Fotos” as well as his iconic paintings of bright bubbles. The artist’s innovative technique consists in letting giant bubbles pop onto the canvas, which together with shiny pigments, create very powerful visuals.
The installation of 3D origami-style furniture is popular as a way of interaction between the viewer and the object itself. You know how in museums the security often forbids you take photos? Well here, it is the opposite! Photography is strongly encouraged and the artist present at the vernissage, vehemently takes polaroids of all interested visitors.
Of course, although Oxymoron takes up an important portion of the museum, there is also a permanent exhibition filled with Slovak and International Contemporary Art, worth contemplating.

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