Private Vernissage at the Saatchi Gallery

After my online subscription for the Saatchi Gallery newsletter, I receive an invitation to a members-only event where I should be able to view “50 x 50 II: 50 New Works by 50 Artists”.


Once at the Saatchi Gallery, I expect to see all types of mediums, techniques and art pieces in their typically large and luminous rooms. Surprisingly, I find myself in the basement area and all I can see are posters, the so-called “prints” from both emerging designers and artists. The interesting part is that practically all the creators behind these prints are also present in the room.

Saatchi Gallery is the leading contemporary art gallery on the social media, so we are openly encouraged to take ‘selfies’ in front of the prints and to ‘follow’ the artists we like on Instagram- an interesting approach to selling art today and making it available to as many as possible.

The organiser candidly taps his two Asahi bottles to start a speech but ends up unwillingly breaking them into small pieces. The young crowd of visitors looks up expectantly for some meaningful commentary:

“I love all the prints here. I love them all. So many people have already bought one and I think it’s fantastic how for a hundred pounds you can still feel like you bought a true piece of quality contemporary art. The works you see here today are in fact not 50 but 71- of course we’d keep the exhibition title 50×50 as it reveals itself to be more catchy..”

Here are my top 3 picks from the collection:

All the artworks showcased are printed by the Jealous Print Studio for their Jealous needs you programme and their dimensions are 50x70cm.


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