Jin-Woo Prensena at 45 Park Lane

Los Angeles based photographer Jin-Woo Prensena makes his debut in London, with the exhibition ELEMENTS.

If you never heard about Jin Woo Prensena, you can find the exciting video about him and his ways of shooting here.

Jin Woo Prensena at 45 Park Lane

As a top handler in Hollywood Jin-Woo Prensena got the opportunity to travel the world to some of the most unique and remarkable destinations. He started taking pictures during his trips and over the years, acquired the know-how of professional photography. Jin-Woo’s work was quickly recognised in Los Angeles and he is currently emerging in the field of fine art photography, standing out with his typically large format prints.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 22.51.08

Swim or Surf
Swim or Surf

The exhibition ELEMENTS consists of 29 prints, with most of them publicly shown for the first time. The artwork varies from striking shots of palm trees, bamboo shoots or beaches, to Icelandic landscapes or deep blue rivers- each captured with an incredible sharpness and accompanied by insightful titles.

The photographer’s passion for shooting under adventurous conditions, while hanging out of a helicopter, has also resulted in breath-taking images of riverbeds in Icelands’s highlands.


Jin-Woo describes this photography collection as ‘straightforward and uplifting’. Despite the drama and challenges, that he often faced behind the camera, the final prints are all ‘unobtrusive and peaceful’ in nature.

Lucky - Waiting for water - The Palms
Lucky – Waiting for water – The Palms

Overall, this is a kind of exhibition one must go see in person, because of the very high quality and scale you can only appreciate fully, when standing in front of it. If you’re not as adventurous as Jin Woo, and do not thrill to experience nature while dangerously hanging out of a helicopter, just enjoy the feeling when immersed by the beautiful photography, in the relaxed settings of the hotel. The exhibition is on until June 5th.


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